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Now that's just not nice

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Oh please, say it's so


I haven't done much Cubbie-blogging this spring, as I've been incredibly busy. You may have heard that the Cubs are on the auction block since the folks who are buying out the Tribune company have this silly idea that media folks should stick to media and not be running baseball teams.

Today, Chris DeLuca of the SunTimes notes that baseball guru and Cubs zealot Steve Stone, the anti-Dusty, is having his cell phone overheated from prospective buyers wanting to bend his ear. Stone also expresses interest in a high-level job with a future owner. "I would like to think that whoever gets the team, if he did his homework around the Chicago area, he would find that I would have something to lend to that group."

That might sound a little arrogant, but any serious Cubs fan would have to agree. The added bonus in all of this is that with Stone occupying a high ranking position, we'd have to say goodbye to Hendry.

Oh please, let it be so.

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