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Ron Santo


I believe that Ron Santo's absence from the Baseball Hall of Fame is as severe of an injustice as can be, if in fact those words can be legitimately applied to anything sports related. There are many reasons why he should be there, but the most convincing may be so that the guy who wrote this, this and this can get out more.

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Ryno in Peoria


I forget to mention when it went down a while back how excited I am that Hall of Famer and greatest Cub of all time Ryne Sandberg was named manager of the Cubs' Class A affiliate in Peoria. Apparently, I'm not the only onehappy about the news.

First Jody Davis and now Ryno. Boy oh boy it must be heaven for any Peorians who were Cubs fans in the 80s.

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Terrifying Headline of the Day


Cubs sign Perez to Minors deal

No, not that Perez, thank goodness.

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