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This is more like it, Hendry

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Cubs GM meets with Rafael Furcal.

I am excited, but I bet Larry is about to wet himself.

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Every day the Cubs spend signing relievers and back-ups and not closing deals to strengthen their swiss-cheese line-up I start feeling sicker and sicker. We have not a single star outfielder, but hey, we got John Mabry.

I'm not saying I have no confidence that Hendry will do something, but where's the urgency to snap up the guys who will score and drive in the runs that will win the games?

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Strange things happen


I had a weird dream last night.. the Cubs gave $11 million to a reliever I'd never heard of.


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Fantasizing, Wrigleyville style

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How about this for a starting rotation next year:

Carlos Zambrano
Roger Clemens
Mark Prior
Greg Maddux
Kery Wood/Glendon Rusch/Jerome Williams

And wouldn't Manny Ramirez look good in Cubby blue?

On the other hand, Johnny Damon is a free agent...

You've got a lot of options, Hendry.

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Go Hendry!

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Cubs give Glendon Rusch 2-year deal, chance to start next year.

This is a great move, Rusch has quietly been the Cubs most consistent injury-free pitcher next to Zambrano for two years now.

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