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Career stats.

8 years, $136 million is a bit much, but even if, say 4 years from now we end up dumping him off to a contender and eating half his contract, I won't so much mind if there's a world series in there.

Why the fuss over Soriano?

He was third in the NL with 46 home runs, tied for sixth with 41 stolen bases, first with 89 extra-base hits, second with 363 total bases, third with a .368 leadoff on-base percentage, first with 22 outfield assists and ninth with a .560 slugging percentage.

Soriano also became the first player in history with 40 home runs, 40 stolen bases and 20 outfield assists in a season, and he was the first with 40 homers, steals and doubles in a season.

Foolishness of the DeRosa signing aside, this ain't a bad starting lineup:

Alfonso Soriano -- .277, 46 HR, 95 RBI (2006)
Cesar Izturis -- .288, 62 RBI, 25 SB (2004)
Derrek Lee -- .335, 46 HR, 107 RBI (2005)
Aramis Ramirez -- .291, 38 HR, 119 RBI (2006)
Jacque Jones -- .285, 27 HR, 81 RBI (2006)
Michael Barrett -- .307, 16 HR, 53 RBI (2006)
Mark DeRosa -- .296, 13 HR, 74 RBI (2006)
Matt Murton -- .297, 13 HR, 62 RBI (2006)

Murton's numbers will be better, DeRosa's will be worse and who knows whether Lee will ever be able to match 2005 again. But that's still two speed guys, four home run guys, no .250 averages and a big smile on my face.

Now, how 'bout a starter or two? Or three?

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