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That sound...


...you hear is the simultaneous explosion of the heads of NEA officials.

Extending the school year will have the added benefit of helping to make teaching a full-time, more lucrative profession for educators who choose to work in these schools.

Apparently, this man is not interested in his plan going anywhere. Education reform is rarely achieved by jabbing at teachers' eyes with a sharp stick.

He does make some good points, but I don't know if more institutional schooling is exactly what American children need.

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We Hates Meeses to Pieces


Hidden camera catches mice on airplane.

OK, ick factor aside. here's the scary part:

The whistle blower said workers found nests in air vents and dead mice in emergency oxygen masks. When mice would get hungry, they ate insulation and chewed through wires.

"If they shorted themselves and caused a fire, it would go through that cabin so fast, we could have lost some lives," said the whistleblower...

On May 5, 2006, a caller reported a mouse infestation. The complaint went on to say that mice chewed through two wires. The caller alleged American Airlines was doing nothing about eradicating the mice.

On May 10, 2006, a caller reported that mice were building nests near the oxygen generators.

The whistleblower said, "Anywhere from 900 to 1,000 (mice) could be on this aircraft."

How many ways can we make air travel terrifying?

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Sad Prayer Request


Catholic author Regina Doman, who wrote our favorite gift for expecting parents, lost her four year old son yesterday. Please say a prayer for her family and for the repose of Joshua Michael's soul.

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