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First, some blogger, I cannot now remember who, directs us to The Redistricting Game - gerrymander your way to permanent job security!

Second, Ask.com has a pretty nifty new redesign.

I ran a search for Aramis Ramirez. The center of the screen gave a normal search result. The left sidebar gave a few different options: narrow search ("Is Aramis Ramirez married?" asked some enterprising female), expand search ("Chicago Cubs") and related searches ("Manny Ramirez").

But that wasn't it: after a few seconds, the left bar started filling out more, giving me more options. Now, I could narrow my search down to "Aramis Ramirez Jersey" or expand it to "Dominican Republic Baseball" There also appeared a column on the right side, where I could find images of A-Ram, his Wikipedia entry, and recent news and blog posts about him.

I'm sure google's not quite shaking in their boots yet. I think if I were searching for say, a specific page or article, I'd still use google. But if I were a blogger typing a post about, say, St. Boniface, this link puts on one page links to:

  • several hagiographical entries,
  • images I might swipe to put in my post,
  • other recent blog posts about St. Boniface, and
  • the story of the pagan oak tree.

Very neat stuff.

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Cool tech stuff

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All Hail the Mighty You Tube!


Where else can you find a bunch of lions attacking a pack of buffalo, knocking one of their young (calf?) into a nearby lake, dragging it out of the water only after playing a game of tug-o-war with a friggin crocodile, and digging into their meal only to have the buffalo come back about 100 strong to get their calf (who is still alive after getting attacked, yanked two different directions and feasted upon for a couple of minutes) and chase them off after goring one of them about 6 feet in the air.

Who needs Animal Planet?

Hat-tip: Assymetrical Information

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