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Waste of Space


If you really like the book, why oh why on earth do you spend the first 20% of your review blabbing about what bad books in that genre are like?

Rambling, self-absorbed travel writing is published all too often these days. These narratives foreground the writer, not the place; when local color manages to creep into the prose, it often reveals the writer's ignorance. Encounters with locals take the form of sumptuous meals in tourist-friendly restaurants, posited as the reward after a day haggling in the kasbah.

"Rambling?" "self-absorbed?" "All too often?" Agreed.

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So is 24 liberal or conservative? Schizophrenic, I'd say.

Maybe, just maybe, they use Americans' anger and anxiety about terrorism and politics as tools to gain viewers and make themselves rich. This is television we're talking about after all. Is it so hard to understand?

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Racing Robots

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Oh how nice. The DI has an article about the robot race that was featured at the U of I Engineering Open House.

Funny thing about those engineers, though. You'd think they'd understand that when the program for the day says there will be robots from 9 AM - 4 PM, that people might just show up at, say, around 3 PM EXPECTING TO SEE ROBOTS. And by "see robots" I mean see them do robot stuff, not see them being packed up for the day and rolled out of the arena.


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