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This is how it looks


A great column from Roger Ebert. He's had multiple surgeries, first to remove and then unsuccessfully to replace part of his jaw that was affected by cancer of the salivary glands (which sounds excruciatingly painful). He is going to make his scheduled appearance at his annual "Overlooked Film Festival" here in Champaign, despite having a piece of his jaw missing and being unable to talk.

I was told photos of me in this condition would attract the gossip papers. So what?

I have been very sick, am getting better and this is how it looks. I still have my brain and my typing fingers.

Cubbie hat-tip: Amy Welborn

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Street Music

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The WaPo persuaded one of the best violinists in the world to play in a D.C. subway station. The write-up is a very enjoyable read.

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X is the new Y


A thought: subprime mortages are the new stocks-on-margin. Good people were enticed by profiteers to throw money they did not have at a booming market only to find themselves with nothing when the market took a downturn I don't think we're headed for another depression, but the psychology of incurring unmanageable debt based on the assumption that the investment will increase in value is pretty much the same thing.

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