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Lincoln Park II

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Following up on this post from a year ago, my alma mater moved up one place on Newsweek's top 100 public high schools list. Lincoln Park is now ranked 30th.

Something new about this year's list is that in addition to the index of total AP and IB tests taken divided by number of graduation seniors (LP: 4.338) and the percentage of students who qualify for subsidized lunch, which serves as a sort of poverty index for each school (LP: 50.1%, one of only four in the top 100 over 50%), this year's survey includes the percentage of all graduating seniors who passed at least one AP or IB test. LP scored a whopping 86.3% on this measure. That is amazing, and surely is an improvement over when I was there.

As I said last year, the survey is deeply flawed, but bragging rights are bragging rights. The only other Chicago Public School to make the list was Whitney Young, coming in at #541. Ha! Oh and what about New Trier, with all it's Northshore millionaires? #407.

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