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Hotel blogging


Apparently this hotel has Wi-Fi!

This won't be a long post, as I'm tapping away on my PDA and my hand is cramping up.

We're in Columbus, OH right now. Had Thanksgiving with Mama-Lu's fam. It's been fun; I'll have pictures next week.


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Crossroads, of a sort

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Please pray that I receive the gift of Counsel.

I went to an interview today for a part-time job for next spring. I came out with an interview on Wednesday for a new career.

Here's the situation:

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[Before I begin, I'd like to ask that if my sister-in-law Regina is reading this, go on ahead an skip to the next post.]

So West Virginia is banning high-proof grain alcohol.

My thoughts go bck to the late 90's, when my roommate/drinking buddy and I would stumble home after a long night of excessive alcohol abuse and trade shots of Gem Clear (190 proof) just to finish ourselves off.

Or to even earlier times than that, when my floormates and I spiked Fruitopias with Gem clear and took them to our Japanese Language and Culture class.

Not my fondest nor proudest memories, these, but still I find myself getting sentimental at the news...

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I got my Power Point presentation done last night as the lab was closing last night (~9:45), saving myself a stop at work to finish up and email it in. I went home and studied for my exam until about midnight. At work today, I spent the last half hour finishing my studying, went straight to the test, and just finished the lab that was due after the exam.

Now all I have to do is do a fake resume and cover letter for by business communication class and I'm done until after thanksgiving!

Have I yet mention how stupid my BusComm class is? First of all, it's ALL on-line. Business communications is all on-line. This is fine by me, but I think it misses the point. Also, my teacher is kind of dim. She sent out an email 30 minutes before one of our assignments was due (which was at midnight) to change the instructions. Way to communicate! Finally, the course is a TON of work for very little useful material. In short, it's a big waste of time. There's more dumb stuff my teacher has done, but I can't think of it right now.

Speaking of my resume (two paragraphs up), say a little prayer for me, eh? I have an initial telephone interview tomorrow for a part-time job for next semester. It also has a lot more to do with my current line of studies than my 9-5 so it could be useful experience for the future. Also, if the pay is enough, I can maybe not take classes next semester and pay down my student loans a bit, and bring home some higher quality bacon as well.

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Smell ya later


Blogging will be light this week.

I have a Power Point Presentation due Tuesday at midnight and a test Wednesday evening. Tuesday night we have an extra-curricular CCD event. Mama-Lu invited a representative of the Jewish community here in town to speak to the sixth, seventh and eighth grade kids about the Old Testament. Um yeah, and I also have to work 16 hours in that time...

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Sneak peak

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Here's a preview of our wedding pictures, which I'm currently uploading to ophoto. I'll post a link when they're all up, though it might take a while. Our scanner is slooooooooooooooow.

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Happy Birthday, Mama-Lu!



If you by chance happen by here today, please say a prayer for my lovely wife on the anniversary of her birth!

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