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I know we don't post pictures as often as some people would like, and it may not seem like we take an unusual number of picture of our son, at least for first time parents. However, for every picture that gets posted, there are probably three that get erased from the camera. When we were considering our camera purchase, Chris said "If we had a good camera, I would take more pictures." That was a huge understatement. He has taken as many pictures of Matthew in the last 5 months as he has taken pictures in his entire pre-parenthood life. I'm afraid that someday Matthew may have trouble adjusting to life without frequent flashes. (oh and if you didn't know Papa-Lu is Poppy to his son)

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The Pope, Christian Humanism, Edith Stein...


Worthwhile interview with Theologian Juan Luis Lorda, author of Christian Anthropology: From the Second Vatican Council to John Paul II.

Q: Why is Christian anthropology one of the strong points of evangelization?

Lorda: Because it discovers how man is and what his most profound aspirations are. The center of Christian evangelization is God: to lead modern man to discover that God loves us because he is our Father. This is the heart of Jesus Christ's message.

But that path is made easier when a person discovers how he is, and that his most profound aspirations are directed to God. The Church has a wisdom about man, a Christian humanism, which is a cultural treasure of the first order, because it gives meaning to life, it leads one to live with dignity, and makes people happy. It is a marvelous light in the world.

Many of our contemporaries, when they think of themselves, think they are the blind result of material forces, a protozoan evolved by chance. We know that we are children of God, that we have a Father who loves us, that we are brothers and that a destiny of love awaits us which we can already live.

We understand the meaning of intelligence and freedom, of love and family. This is beauty. The other is darkness and degradation. Dostoyevsky said it: "Only beauty will save the world."
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CCD Lesson Planning Tip


Always read the scripture you are going to have the children read carefully before class. Make sure the translation that you are preparing with is the same as the one you use in class, because if you are going to teach the story of Sara and Abraham, and if you are going to have a 6th grade girl read Sara's part, and if you are using the NAB in class but you prepared with and Ignatious, you will have a problem when you get to Gen 18:12. There's more than one way to translate "voluptati."

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