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I know we don't post pictures as often as some people would like, and it may not seem like we take an unusual number of picture of our son, at least for first time parents. However, for every picture that gets posted, there are probably three that get erased from the camera. When we were considering our camera purchase, Chris said "If we had a good camera, I would take more pictures." That was a huge understatement. He has taken as many pictures of Matthew in the last 5 months as he has taken pictures in his entire pre-parenthood life. I'm afraid that someday Matthew may have trouble adjusting to life without frequent flashes. (oh and if you didn't know Papa-Lu is Poppy to his son)

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In my defense:

1) He's so cute!

2) I snapped 5 rolls on a one week trip to Rome, four rolls each of my first two Koinonia weekends

3) It's so EASY with a digital. And you can take so many and pick the best one without it costing a bazillion dollars. And there's no changing film, etc.

4) He's so cute!

5) I have the Nanas and Mimis and Rosies and Monikas of the world to please.

Chris, Keep them coming, keep them coming. Don't let Mama-Lu keep you down. We have rights, ya know, we have rights to see pictures of that boy. ;)

Funny how we post in the order Chris listed us!

Jenny is only commenting on this because she has maybe only taken a total of 20 rolls of pictures in her whole life! Jenny likes to take the pictures in her head, right J? :)

Actually, i think 20 is probably high. try 10.


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