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That's right Matthew did it with almost no fanfare or fussing. I just stuck my finger in and there it was. Perfect timing too, since he is old enough to graduate to more interesting solids. Babies are new miracles every day. [Just in case you don't know, I'm talking about a second tooth:)]

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Somewhere in my youth or childhood...

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...I must have done something good. Actually, nothing I could have ever done could make me deserve such a happy, calm, peaceful baby, and truth be known my youth and childhood should have earned me quite a handful. Instead my happy baby stayed happy while teething! This new tooth came through with very little warning. He has been chewing on averything for the last 2 months and drooling buckets for the same amount of time. Since Monday, he has needed lots of attention and has been easily upset. However, he was never unconsolable, never crying for no known reason, never biting me, and never sleeping less. He did nurse less and fight me more, but that's about it. I never expected such an easy tooth. Of course we still have lots of teeth to go, so maybe he will some terrible days later on. For the time being, I am amazed and grateful and ignoring the people who tell me that future children will make up for all of this.

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