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I can't manage to keep up a blog of my own, but every once in a while I feel the urge to ramble on about random topics to people I may or may not know. These moments of motivation usually center around topics that frequently appear on this page anyhow, sooooo Papa-Lu is letting me contribute when the mood strikes.

Recently, I just wanted to say that we are born into our gender roles, not programmed into them.

This was brought home the other day when his father let out a resounding belch, and Matthew burst into laghter. Not simply a little amused smile, but a delighted belly laugh. I didn't teach him that. And, again, last night when Chris was bouncing him on the couch cusions. I have done this before with little response from Matthew. Last night however, Papa-Lu was bouncing him so hard I was worried about whiplash, but Matthew was squealing in delight. He already loves to play rough with Poppy.

I knew I had given birth to a son, but I had no idea he would be a boy so soon. Of course, when not wearing ducky yellow, he is often seen in baby or cubby blue, so perhaps he was programmed after all.

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