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Surfacing Briefly


Hey y'all!

I've been pretty busy for a couple of weeks. First I had an out of town conference, and then I was home for a couple of days before escaping for a quick mini-vacation. I'm back now, but strill incredibly busy at work and likely to remain so through, oh, approximately April 16th. I will continue to blog, but it will be even more sporadic than usual.

Check back tomorrow (or later in the week - I said it would be sporadic) for pictures from the impromptu jaunt to the woods.

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You can now put me on your network. Here is the link.

I signed up mostly so I could put up a little widget over in the sidebar that lets me post links to recent articles. Now, instead of throwing bunches of links up very few days, I can post articles to pretty much as I read them and they will show up on under "MY BOOKMARKS" on the rfar right column. Pretty sweet, huh? I think so.

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