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Tech bleg:

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Using Internet Explorer, I cannot highlight and copy any text below the first line of each column. Does anybody know how I can solve that problem? I can email my stylesheet and template html to anybody who can help. Thanks!

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I'm syndicated

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I subscribe to a couple of RSS feeds that bring me news about the Pope and the Church. Well, the Pope feed has started bringing me... me. Today I recognized the title of the link in my newsreader as the same title I gave to the post two down. Sure enough, it was my own blog. It's sort of flattering, but sort of annoying too. I don't write news here, and any reader that picks up my blog entries is looking in the wrong space for news. Ah well... I guess I'm getting what I pay for...

Ha! I just noticed that I'm also getting news hits for the post about who should be the Cubs' new right fielder. It's currently the "Top Story." This is amusing.

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How to get your IP address banned from this blog


Leave an anti-Catholic link in a comment unrelated to the post you where you leave it. No comment, no attempt at discussion, no email where you can be reached, just a link. Goodbye Mike! Drop me an email if you actually want to discuss anything.

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