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I'm generally mystified by its popularity, and this blurb from the Economist provides a nice example of what non-Americans think of the "sport."

On November 19th 80,000 enthusiasts gathered in Homestead, Florida. That made the speedway twice as populous as the city itself. Vendors did a brisk trade in beer, burgers and ugly T-shirts. A lonely “international food” stand sold slices of pizza. A car salesman tried to make a new friend. “Do you chew?” he asked. (That is, do you stuff a wad of tobacco inside your lip and then dribble quietly into an empty can?)
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Hating Paris


In this fall's City Journal, Kay Hymowitz takes the scalpel to Paris Hilton. Wowzers. Needless to say, it's impossible to accurately profile someone like Hilton in a family-friendly way, so consider yourself warned.

Hymowitz does a fine job, but a great companion piece would be an analysis of those who don't hate her. From junior high girls who want to be her to adult males who approve of her particular brand of skankhood.

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