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Another Cardinal George Update

Cardinal Francis George returned to the operating room just before midnight last night for an exploratory surgery. The Cardinal had exhibited an unstable blood pressure and a drop in blood count despite having received blood transfusions. These conditions were discussed with the Cardinal and a decision was made to return to the operating room.

In a two-hour procedure, Dr. Robert Flanigan, assisted by Dr. Fred Luchette, Chief of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Loyola, found a small blood vessel in the pelvis that was bleeding. The source was successfully closed, the bleeding was stopped and the Cardinal stabilized. He tolerated the operation well and is resting comfortably this morning.

Although the episode of postoperative bleeding represents a complication of the radical cystectomy, it is not an unusual occurrence and is not expected to have a significant impact on Cardinal George’s recovery. During the next few days he will continue to be closely monitored.

More from the Sun Times.

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Cardinal George Update


From the Chicago SunTimes:

Cardinal Francis George weathered well a five-hour operation Thursday to remove his bladder, prostate gland, part of his right ureter and several lymph nodes, but the prognosis for his newly diagnosed cancer won't be known until late next week, when pathology results are back, his doctors said.

"I'm happy to report good news," Dr. Myles Sheehan, George's personal physician of three years who is also a Jesuit priest, told reporters at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood about an hour after the cardinal's surgery was completed. "We are very hopeful for the best possible result, and we are confident that the cardinal will be able to return to his active work as the archbishop of Chicago."

George, 69, announced Wednesday that he had been diagnosed with bladder cancer and would undergo radical surgery. Thursday, his physicians at Loyola revealed that George also suffers from cancer of the ureter, which is generally considered more dangerous than bladder cancer.

See the article for the rest and please continue to keep the Cardinal in your prayers.

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Prayers for Cardinal George


The archbishop of my hometown has cancer and is undergoing surgery this morning. Please pray for Cardinal Francis George.

Cardinal George's Statement:

“Tomorrow morning I will undergo surgery at Loyola University Medical Center to remove cancer discovered very recently in my bladder. I am informed that I can expect to make a full recovery from this cancer and the surgery to remove it. I have asked my doctors and Archdiocesan officials to fully brief you after the surgery on the specifics of the operation and my recovery. During my recovery and absence, Father John Canary, the Vicar General, will provide day to day governance of the Archdiocese. He and the Auxiliary Bishops and Mr. Jimmy Lago, the Chancellor, will be in contact with me as necessary.

I ask my fellow priests, the religious, all Catholics in the Archdiocese and other friends and colleagues to pray for me. I trust that the Lord will give me the strength and grace I need during these next days and weeks.”

I imagine an update will be posted at the same website as the Cardinal's statement as soon as word is received of how the surgery went.

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Where are the nuns?

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NPR investigates.

Prompted by NPR's intrepid reporting, I performed my own investigation.

The answer? Here they are!

Oh, no wait, here they are!

Ooh look, I found some more!

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Yes, I'm a native English speaker whose second best language is French, but Spanish is in my blood and I can't help but wonder if the Knights of Columbus would be a greater draw (not that they're suffering now) if they were known by their organizations's Spanish name of Los Caballeros de Colón. And surely, wouldn't Carl Anderson rather be known as El Caballero Supremo rather than the somewhat KKK-ish sounding Supreme Knight.

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