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Yes, I'm a native English speaker whose second best language is French, but Spanish is in my blood and I can't help but wonder if the Knights of Columbus would be a greater draw (not that they're suffering now) if they were known by their organizations's Spanish name of Los Caballeros de Colón. And surely, wouldn't Carl Anderson rather be known as El Caballero Supremo rather than the somewhat KKK-ish sounding Supreme Knight.

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My husband is Grand Knight of our K of C chapter.

I think he'd like an exciting Spanish title better!

You can call him El Caballero Grande! a Past Grand Knight, I rather do relish that title.

Of course, one might want to frame it in Latin: Eques Magnus. The Supreme Knight would then be Eques Princeps. 'Tis a pity that the name of the Order comes out Equites Columbi; it doesn't quite have the same punch as Caballeros de Colon.

Although, in retrospect, if we wished to follow mediaeval instead of classical usage, and multiply our prepositions, we could say Equites de Columbo.

Your little boy is so cute. :-)


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