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  • Alejandro Bermudez of CNA news blogs at "Catholic Outsider. He's got two interesting posts today.

    The first is an insightful quote from the Most Reverend André Vingt-Trois (is "23" a common French last name?) that accurately portrays on of the main sources of tension and dysfunction in the education of our children:

    “Today many adults hesitate in front of the educational adventure: they shy away from their educational role, often they even refuse to have children. Perhaps they hesitate because they are not sure about the light they could transmit or because they do not know whether their lifestyle is the right one for their children. Such hesitation is not a fault. It is rather a grievance, a malaise that comes from the basic questions one asks oneself in one’s lifetime”.

    “We need to reconcile the trust young people place on their families with the trust they learn to place on those who are in charge of leading them during their school years”. “Unfortunately this unity is weaker and weaker because a boy learns one thing at school and the opposite at home”.

    “This is why parents must be involved in the daily life of the school. It is a prerequisite for the success of the educational work”.

    Another way to solve the problem of disunity is to refuse to contract the child's education out to those who will not respect the values of the family.

    Second, Bermudez reports that the Pope's Holy Thursday letter to priests will include some of his ideas for liturgical reform:

    “The Fox,” a well placed source at the Vatican, told the Outsider that even though most of the Pontiff’s ideas about the Eucharist will come out in his post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation, expected by the end of the year, the Pope’s letter for Holy Thursday will make some serious points about liturgical reform.

  • Shawn Tribe points us to an example of a Church renovation "gone right."

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