The Baby Bump

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Regina Marie, do not read this post.

Well, it's been a while since I've had something about the boys up here, so here's a little anecdote for you.

As with many toddlers, Matthew seems to grasp "b" words fastest. Words like, to grab three at random, baby, bump and the name of a friend of ours, who for privacy's sake I'll call "Betty."

Well, Betty is pregnant, and since Matthew loves babies, we told him she was having a baby. Oh how happy he was that day! "Betty, Betty, Betty, baby, baby, baby!" he repeated all day.

And then we made a mistake. We told him that BeTTY (thanks Lisa) was going to have a "baby bump" because her and her husband, who I'll call Jim, were having a baby.

You see a bump, to my son, is when you run into something, or fall and hit your head. A small mound is not a bump to him yet.

So how did this information process in his mind?

Well, first he was knocking himself on the head saying "Betty, bump baby."

No, we explained, Jim and Betty are having a baby... baby bump, etc.

Well, after some more mental wheel-turning, Matthew's final conclusion was that Jim had somehow "bumped" Betty and now she's pregnant.

And that, my friends, is how a euphemism is born.

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man, the word bump has a whole meaning in my vocab now....

i hate my bumping job =)


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