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1917 was a long time ago.


88 years is of course a long time to go without a championship (I know this, my team is at 97 year and counting). Yet for some reason that length of time doesn't always sink in. So in case it hasn't quite hit you how long it had been since the White Sox last won the chamionship, think of it this way:

In 1917, the Bolshevik Revolution took place. The Soviet Empire rose and fell and then another 15 years passed in between Sox' championships.


And for the Cubs, it's been almost a decade longer...

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To John Bambenek, my cousin Eric, Griz, Anne and to the rest of the southside.

By the way, let me also say that I think hiring Ozzie was their best move of the past 100 years. He puts Dusty to shame, and I'm not a Dusty-hater either.

And just because I'm a north side jerk like that, I leave you with this quote from an NPR commentary by another Cub fan.

We Cub fans do tend to think of the White Sox as sort of the basebal equivalent of NASCAR--an inexplicable blue collar phenomenon that will surely pass as soon as our education system improves.
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