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  • Wired - "How a Fringe Politician Took Over the Web
  • Interviewed at length by Tom Ashbrook on On Point. If you want to know more about Ron Paul, start here.

    Some gems:

    Ashbrook: Congressman, what about it? You say, "No Department of Education," "No Department of Homeland Security," "No Department of Energy," "No" to abortion, "No" to gun control... "No" to immigration reform. You are Dr. No.

    Paul: Well, I'm Dr. Yes for the constitution and I'm Dr. Yes for liberty... I approach all of those positions through the Constitution because it's the only oath I take... So I see no place in the constitution for the department of education. I also see that it's not doing a very good job.


    "...Containment has worked before. We stood down the Soviets with 40,000 nuclear weapons... We didn't have to fight them. But here we're going after countries with nuclear weapons and they don't even have nuclear weapons."

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Ron Paul

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The American Conservative has two pieces on Congressman Paul this week: Michael Brendan Dougherty has a very favourable profile while Kara Hopkins zeros in on the Paul/Giuliani spat from the Republican presidential debate and on the shameful way Paul has been treated since.

other Paul sightings:

Also, Catholics for Ron Paul is up and running.

I'm not quite on the Paul bandwagon, but he gets more appealing every day.

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