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This is disappointing


"Sam Brownback warms to Giuliani"

Also, apparently it takes a lefty blogger to call Rudy out:

"[Giuliani] has as many child molester priests at his consulting firm than women in senior campaign positions."
~ Matthew Yglesias

Happy voting in 08, fellow Catholics!

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First Things

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I just finished perusing the Aug/Sept issue of First Things. Some thoughts:

  • This piece on global warming is one of the best attempt at denial I've seen, and I'd be interested in a rebuttal.
  • I was surprised at some of the negativity of this review of Jesus of Nazareth. It makes sense though - it must be tough to edit the Pope. In the Pope's defense, he did turn 80 this year and one could understand how the pressure to get the thing published would lead to some of the omissions that irk the reviewer.
  • I skimmed Harvey Mansfield's article on politics and it didn't really make much sense. Furthermore, I was so bored by it I didn't go back to give it a closer read. If somebody wants to try to persuade me to revisit it, fire away.
  • Victor Davis Hanson's review of a new book about the Battle of Lepanto is enjoyable.
  • Algis Valiunas' review of a revisitation of Victor Hugo's life and Les Miserables is a charming, adventurous read. There's much, much good in there.
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On Prayer and Public Schools


The role of religion in the public schools is a frequent point of debate between the religious teachers and me. They argue religion in the school will improve behavior and increase academic performance, while I do not understand why people feel the tyrannous need to force their particular religion on the public sector.

Or maybe some feel the tyrannous need to force all religion except irreligion out of the public sector.

Oh, and in case you're wondering what "teaching" consists of in Chicago Public Schools (emphasis mine, and no offense, mom):

Almost all of the students in our school are religious and we have difficult discussions about abortion, homosexuality, the power of prayer, etc. For instance, which is the bigger sin: to “kill my child” through abortion or for an unstable and unprepared teenager to bring another child into the world? Of course, neither the students nor I ever sway the other’s opinion.

These damn religions kids won't swallow my pro-abortion propaganda! As Shea would say: reason #983643264923432 (or whatever he's up to these days) to homeschool.

Lest you think there's some looming merger of religion with Illinois schools, the author's hissy fit (complete with pictures of BLACKS IN CHURCH to really scare you!) is because the state legislature overrode Gov Bla's veto of a bill requiring schools to hire chaplains break at noon for the Angelus teach Scripture, scrap evolution for young-earth creationsism start with a moment of silence.

Isn't it interesting how hatred of religion can lead to an abandonment of reason?

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Rudy G: "I hate Clinton most!"


As for the line-item veto, Rudy saw it, somewhat counter-intuitively, as yet another opportunity to tout his anti-Clinton credentials. "I took President Clinton to court [over the line-item veto] and I beat him," Rudy said. "And I don't think it's a bad idea to have a Republican presidential candidate who actually has beat President Clinton at something." (Would scrabble count? Rock-scissors-paper?)

Oh brother. Rudy 08: He hates terrorists AND Hilary!

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