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Man v. Nature


What I learned while trimming trees on Columbus day.

  • Sitting on top of a 6 foot ladder holding a 15 foot saw pole is not when you want a wasp to attack your face. (Sub lesson: 31 is still young enough to jump off a ladder to evade a wasp without breaking anything.)
  • Sitting on the same 6 foot ladder holding the same pole next to a 6 foot privacy fence while a pit bull jumps up and down trying to attack your face is strangely exciting.
  • It's possible to get 30 mosquito bites (not an exaggeration -- Mama-Lu thinks I'm guessing on the low side) on your back without really noticing them.
  • Your wife will not be pleased if you drop a 20 foot branch on top of the last producing plant in her garden (jalapeno).
  • Work gloves will not prevent you from getting a blister from sawing down several hundred pounds worth of rogue branches.

But hey, next year well have plenty of firewood!

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