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Priestly Pop

There are drawbacks to turning priests into pop stars. Because they need to stay close to their congregations, the Priests won't be doing a typical promotional concert tour. But Father O'Hagan says his parishioners have pledged to support his new mission. "They have assured me if they go a couple days without Mass, they're not going to lose the faith," he says.

But there are also upsides for music executives accustomed to dealing with rock-star antics. "Why do most guys get into this? To get a chick and behave as badly as they possibly can," Mr. Raphael says. "These guys have already passed up on that side of life."

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Let's talk about something else

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For all you ladies who grew up watching The Sound of Music and wanting to find your very own Captain Von Trapp, you probably don't want to read this review of Christopher Plummer's memoir. I did learn, however, that his daughter is "Honey-Bunny" from Pulp Fiction and the axe murderer in So I Married and Axe Murderer.

Also, this one's for Brandon: "A 65th Birthday Tribute to Joni Mitchell."

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