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Richard Spencer (original has links):

(Anecdote: once while I was at the U of C, I had the gall to paternalistically open a door for Sunstein’s then-girlfriend Martha Nussbaum (Cass is now apparently linked to Samantha Power; geez, this guy can’t get enough of the human rights crusaders!). Anyway, Martha didn’t budge and then opened the adjacent door for me, and we stood in a post-feminist stand-off for at least 20 seconds, until I briskly went through my portal and brusquely shut the door behind me. Take a look at this gal (egads!).)
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Solitaire: "Our Secret Shame"


Mom, this one's for you.

The canonical single-player game is an easy punch line, most often cited as the preferred hobby of the office slacker or the intellectual playground of dullards. (George W. Bush was known to play the occasional hand while governor of Texas.) But the poor, benighted game is also—according to a Microsoft employee who worked on reprogramming it for Windows Vista—the most-used program in the Windows universe. We mock solitaire because it is our secret shame.
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