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Firm contracted to build border fence busted for hiring illegal immigrants.

More proof that nobody actually responsible for border control takes it seriously.

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Papa-Lu the Luddite


Please forgive me a spat of technophobia as I note with fear, loathing and stomach-churning horror that Google, Intel, BP (?), Wal-Mart (!!!) and Pitney Bowes are all salivating at the opportunity to get in on the barely-nascent medical records market.

Yes, that's what we need, Google, archiver of all every search request you perform, getting their hands anywhere near medical data.

My heart... my heart....

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Culture Wars, Euro-style


The Economist has analysis of recent "values" debates in various European countries. Missing from their analysis is any mention of Pope Benedict XVI and his ongoing efforts to restore Christian values to the center of Europe's identity.

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