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New Pentecost, part 2


Last month, I blogged about the Second World Congress of Ecclesial Movements. The event culminated in a prayer vigil in St. Peter's Square with Pope Benedict. Here is the English translation of the Holy Father's homily at vespers, which is quite simply inspiring. A snip:

The Holy Spirit desires unity, he desires totality. Therefore, his presence is finally shown above all in missionary zeal.

Anyone who has come across something true, beautiful and good in his life -- the one true treasure, the precious pearl -- hastens to share it everywhere, in the family and at work, in all the contexts of his life.

He does so without any fear, because he knows he has received adoption as a son; without any presumption, for it is all a gift; without discouragement, for God's Spirit precedes his action in people's "hearts" and as a seed in the most diverse cultures and religions.

He does so without restraint, for he bears a piece of good news which is for all people and for all peoples.

Dear friends, I ask you to collaborate even more, very much more, in the Pope's universal apostolic ministry, opening doors to Christ.

This is the Church's best service for men and women and especially for the poor, so that the person's life, a fairer order in society and peaceful coexistence among the nations may find in Christ the cornerstone on which to build the genuine civilization, the civilization of love.

The Holy Spirit gives believers a superior vision of the world, of life, of history, and makes them custodians of the hope that never disappoints.

Let us pray to God the Father, therefore, through Our Lord Jesus Christ, in the grace of the Holy Spirit, so that the celebration of the solemnity of Pentecost may be like an ardent flame and a blustering wind for Christian life and for the mission of the whole Church.

I place the intentions of your movements and communities in the heart of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, present in the Upper Room together with the apostles; may she be the one who implores God to grant them.

Upon all of you I invoke an outpouring of the gifts of the Spirit, so that in our time too, we may have the experience of a renewed Pentecost. Amen!

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The Pope to Spain next month


As noted in the FAQ section of the World Meeting of Families post below, the Holy Father will be coming to Spain for the event.

Zenit has a rundown of what the Holy Father will be doing in Spain. Apart from the standard ecclesial and secular protocol, here's the WMF portion of the pope's agenda:

[On Saturday July 8, t]the Bishop of Rome will then go in an open car to the testimonial meeting, which, beginning at 8 p.m., will gather hundreds of thousands of families at the Puente de Monteolivete in a context of prayer and testimonies. They will alternate with artistic-cultural presentations by artists...

Benedict XVI will repeat this itinerary the following day, Sunday, July 9, when he will return in an open car to Puente de Monteolivete, where he will preside over the 9:30 a.m. solemn closing Mass and deliver the homily.

During the Mass, some spouses who have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary will renew their marriage vows.

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A German Pope in Poland


The Vatican Website has posted all of the English translations of the texts of the addresses Benedict XVI gave in Poland at the end of May.

Here they are.

The following Wednesday, the Pope used his general audience address to reflect on the trip. The Zenit English translation of those remarks is here.

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