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Yesterday, Pope Benedict XVI created 23 new Cardinals. The liturgy was especially notable for being the public debut of the Pope's new Master of Pontifical Ceremonies, Guido Marini, who aided some flair with an old-school cathedra and some luscious vestments. For Catholic Nerdalicious coverage, check out Rocco, Fr. Z (liturgical commentary), Zadok, John Allen, the Vatican's homepage for the event (presumably English translations will be available there soon), Zenit (for unofficial -- and faster -- translatons), and a blog by the hometown newspaper of one of the new Cardinals: Daniel DiNardo, Archbshop of Galveston-Houston, Texas.

Here's a snip from one of Allen's posts:

Probably the most moving scenes of the evening came in the Hall of Blessings, where the longest and most emotional line was drawn by Patriarch Emmanuel III Delly of Iraq. In a consistory without any obvious superstars or slam-dunk new papal candidates, Delly in some ways was the man of the day. He was the only figure singled out during the morning ceremony by Pope Benedict XVI, who said the nomination of the 80-year-old Chladean patriarch was a way of signaling the pope’s concern for Iraqi Christians and his desire that peace may swiftly come.

While people typically joked with most of the new cardinals, or simply expressed their good wishes and posed for photographs, those who took Delly’s hands were often in tears, pouring out their concern and expressing their solidarity. Delly was gracious and consoling, but also obviously moved by the experience.

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