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The Tribune reported that, "According to sources, Boston and the Cubs have expressed the most interest in [J.D.] Drew, who used an early-out clause to reach free agency only two years into a five-year, $55 million deal with the Dodgers. He's believed to be seeking $14 million a year for four or five years."

Anybody who wants to make $14 million a year should at least put together two all-star seasons in a row.

We just gave Neifi Perez, Jose Macias, Jerry Hairston Jr., Mark DeRosa $13 million to come be mediocre and now we're going to give J.D. freakin' Drew $55 million?

Hendry: your job this off season is to fill our gaps with stars, not mediocrities coming off of career years or mediocrities with off-the-chart sense-of-entitlement-to-achievement ratios.

In other Cubs news, my nostalgia meter went berserk when I saw that Bobby Dernier is the new minor league outfield and base-running coordinator.

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