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Which is it?


Very remorseful, guilt-ridden father: I'm so sorry I stepped on your toe. It was an accident!

Teary-eyed 4 year old: That's OK Poppy, you don't have to apologize. I know it was an accident. It was my fault for stepping forward.

VRGRF: No Pumpkin! You don't have to apologize for getting stepped on! We were both playing silly, weren't we?

TE4YO: Yeah, you really scared me and you made me step forward. Wahhuhuhuuuuuuuh!

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No God, no fathers.


John Zmirak:

If our image of fatherhood is drawn after Homer Simpson, so we will picture Our Father in heaven -- as I must confess I used to do, figuring that catastrophes like tsunamis, genocides, and altar girls could be traced to God snoring at the controls of Springfield's nuclear reactor.
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