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ISI has a new Civic Literacy Quiz. I got a 93.94% (31 out of 33). I seem to remember getting a much lower score on previous years' quizzes.

Anyway, by coincidence, I scored the same as TSO and Bill White and we all got #33 wrong. My other mistake was 7, which is frustrating because I know where it's from, but I thought he was quoting....

Take the quiz, and then maybe lets start a petition that nobody who fails should be allowed to vote, or, even more importantly, hold elected office.

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I got 81.82% (6 wrong)
I think taking a quiz to vote is a good idea, though a quiz on what candidates actually stand for might be good too. Or somehow the people come to a consensus on 5 or so important issues and have them listed beneath each candidate, so at least people are forced to see what there vote stands for.
Oh, if only we lived in a perfect world.


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