Republicans deserve to lose


It must be late October in a year divisible by 4. Campaigns are becoming ever more shrill, cheap shot emails are filling my inbox and good friends are putting up hysterical Facebook posts about those they oppose politically. Like any good blogger, it's time to add my own $.02 to the mix.

I wanted to do one big post with all of my thoughts, but instead I find that I need to break it up. So first I'll deal with the principle that when one party controls all branches of government and proceeds to run the country into the ground, that party deserves to lose.

The candidate of the party who has inhabited the White House for the past eight years should not be elected, especially when this candidate agrees with all of the president's worst policies. In fact, one of the few areas where McCain disagrees with the president is that McCain favors embryonic stem cell research. He's actually worse than Bush on the one area where Bush has managed to make a few good decisions.

John McCain represents continuity with the current administration -- continuity with recklessness, irresponsibility, torture and abuse of executive power. All other things being equal, such a man does not deserve to govern.

Alas, all other things are not equal...

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