Not the kind of transparency we need right now


In this preseidential campaign, the first of the YouTube era, we've been treated to repeated displays of stunts and pandering that any decent human being would find embarrassing: from Mitt Romney breaking into a chorus of "Who Let the Dogs Out?" to Rudy Giuliani taking a phone call from his wife while talking to the NRA to Barack Obama calling for an undivided Jeruasalem in front of AIPAC without knowing what he was talking about. And yet, I feel safe arguing that John McCain suspending his campaign so he can save America's financial system is the most transparently stupid of all. I don't kow about you, but I want the senator who has a financial scandal in his past and who has publicly professed his lack of knowledge of economics to be as far as hell away from Washington DC as possible right now.

As for the political wisdom of the move, I defer to Daniel Larison:

In the end, knowing when you can contribute something and knowing when to avoid complicating an already difficult situation by intruding on ongoing negotiations is what separates grandstanding from leadership. It is what separates the simple egomaniacs from the ambitious pols who nonetheless have some idea what public service is. McCain's belief that he is indispensable in a time of crisis is the surest sign that he is unfit for any office in republican government, much less the chief magistracy of the Republic.
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