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I herein inaugurate a new, periodic (adj. - whenever I get around to it) feature, where I provide links to interesting articles I've found on the web, handily divided into stuff that has just appeared and older stuff that I've juse come across.

Stuff from today:

Older stuff:

  • The War of the Imagination - A damning look at the initial phase of the Iraq war published in late November. Lengthy, but necessary.
  • Plumbing the archives of the excellent journal Touchstone, I found two gems in the October 2004 issue. In "Swift Prophet", Anne Barbeau Gardiner looks at Gulliver's Tavels as a allegory of British Christianity. And in "The Lovely Dragon of Choice", Anthony Esolen slays said dragon - which is not simply the euphemistic "choice" of abortion, but a far more hideous and menacing beast:
    I am not merely saying that there is a freedom higher and more blissful than the freedom to choose how one spends one’s money or where one buys a house or whom one marries. I assert that even regarding questions of money or dwelling or spouse or any earthly thing, there is a freedom that slays the freedom to choose. Call it the wisdom of tossing the choice away. Call it the hope not in choosing but in being chosen.
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