Blog Recommendation: Daniel Larison


I've linked to Daniel Larison's blog Eunomia a few times from here. Larison is a grad student at the University of Chicago who, judging from the volume of his posts, does not sleep. Either that, or maybe U of C is not quite as rigorous as we've all been led to believe. How often does he post? Well, he's allegedly on hiatus for the month of February, but Bloglines tells me he has posted 88 times. To his credit, he didn't post until the 4th of the month.

Anyway, he's becoming one of my favorite bloggers, yet paradoxically the one I dread reading the most simply because he posts so much. But it's almost always worth it, as you can see here where he makes Rudy Giuliani look foolish (not that it's terribly hard) or here where he eviscerates Jody Bottum. If you have the endurance, check him out.

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