Sheen Miracle


The Catholic Post fills in the details on the Champaign miracle being submitted for Fulton Sheen's beatification.

The documents sealed in Peoria tell the story of the recovery of Therese Kearney, a member of Holy Cross Parish in Champaign, who suffered a tear in her main pulmonary artery during surgery in December of 1999. Told there was little chance for his wife’s survival, her husband Frank prayed to Archbishop Sheen, whom he had long admired.

Mrs. Kearney, then in her early 70s, would survive as surgical staples held despite her infected arterial wall having the consistency of "wet toilet paper," according to the surgeon.

Mrs. Kearney died this Tuesday in Champaign, The Catholic Post learned Wednesday as it was going to press. Her husband, who first shared Therese’s story with persons promoting Archbishop Sheen’s cause in 2001 and actively cooperated with the fact-gathering, had died earlier this year in February.

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