Founder of the Community of St. John Celebrates 70 Years of Priesthood

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Zenit has a report of a Mass celebrating 70 years of priesthood for Father Marie-Dominique Philippe, founder of the Community of St. John. For Peoria folks, that's the same Brothers of St. John who have a priory in Princeville. The Community's website can be found here and the US Website is here.

I was poking around the webpages, and it seems Fr. Antoine of the Illinois group has several books published - primarily aimed at cultivating devotion to the Eucharist amoung children - that may be worth checking out.

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Fr. Antoine was at the Joliet homeschooling conference; he has videos about children's Eucharistic Adoration and he gave several of the teen sessions. It looked really good.

He led a Holy Hour for kids at St. Matthew's last year that was really good, too.


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