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lexus has a hybrid suv as well.

Yeah, I think the Camry is going to be huge though. It's already on of the most popular cars in America (maybe the most, can't remember right now).

from my own experience as an hybrid owner, a lot of people (here in TX at any rate), scorn the hybrid b/c there is a loss of power in exchange for an increase in gas mileage. my civic hybrid doesn't accelerate the same way and you definitely think twice before pulling out in front of traffic whereas with david's car, I know i can accelerate in time.

Yeah, I know there are downsides, but I'm also sure hybrids are selling better in, say, San Francisco. Mostly, I'm saying hybrids have already been selling well, and now the Camry...

Our Carola gets 35 to 38 MPH with a four cylinder. If the Camry beats that in real driving, I'm impressed.


That's the same smell wafting over the ocean from the Middle Eastern oil barons too.

Weeelll.... it would be nice if hybrid cars could make a measurable impact on the amount of gas we run through over here.... I'm just not so sure it will until Rosie's points about power are addressed. This is the pick-up truck capital of the world, after all.


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