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Of course, if these were actuall MPAA ratings, it would probably be PG-13, and apparently it's clean enough for Network television.

"I have two teenage boys and it terrifies me that they are exposed to hard-c0re p0rnography on the Internet before their first kiss," he continued. "At the same time, I'm a writer and I abhor the idea of censorship."

That, my friends, is a truly weasely statement.

This particular weasel is Jim Leonard, creator of the new NETWORK PRIME TIME SERIES "Skin" which is about the P*RNOGRAPHY INDUSTRY.

I know I ought not expect Hollywood writers to be knowledgeable about the first amendment and/or sincere in their representation of it, but this statement is ridiculous.

First of all, this filth does not belong on the air, but the FCC being spineless as it is, there are specific channels and specific timeslots into which p0rnography has been relegated. Any show portraying the p0rnography industry, even in a non-graphic way, belongs there. This of course does not deal with news reports, which might talk about something adult-entertainment related - but even then, there is a responsibility to be non-graphic and to be sensitive to the audience which generally views television in certain time slots.

By this man's reasoning, there's nothing to stop them from airing this Saturday morning between Transformers and G.I. Joe. (Man did I just date myself).

To prepare for his part, Mr. Silver said, he did extensive research, meeting with pornography business executives like Larry Flynt and performers like Jenna Jameson; reading magazines and watching videos. There is also a pornographic-film director as a consultant on the set. "This is fun," Mr. Silver said, "because it's different from anything else I've done."

Mr. Silver said he hoped the show would prompt a more open discussion of sexuality. "While we have been liberated in a certain way," he said, "we still have that puritan strain."

Oh right, let's believe that there are Puritan elements in our culture. Right, let's run some google searches and see puritanism. Let's turn on premium cable, basic cable, and now prime-time network television and see how Puritan we are.

It's pretty sad that somebody can look at efforts to protect children and families from smut and see "Puritanism."

On a less tragic level, Mr. Leonard said, "Skin" is about "two kids in love caught between two warring families" -- Goldman's 16-year-old Jewish daughter, Jewel, played by Olivia Wilde, and Roam's 17-year-old Mexican-Irish son, Adam, played by D.J. Cotrona. Because of their fathers' feuding, the two are forbidden to see each other.

It was this that attracted Mr. Bruckheimer to the project in the first place. "I just love 'Romeo and Juliet,'" he said.

OK, IQ check - the less tragic level is the Romeo and Juliet subplot. Right, you know Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare's great comedy in which the wacky Capulets try to outmatch the outrageous antics of the circus family Montague.

These people give me a headache! Unfortunately the article is not on the New York Times website... wait, that's probably best.

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