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Advertising 101


Lots of publicity, low costs.

A British hotel chain is offering couples called Mary and Joseph a free night's stay over Christmas.

Hotel manager says: "Our hotel is definitely more comfortable than a stable. I just hope they don't bring their donkey."

Mama-Lu says: "What if they give birth on the bed. Is that a problem?"

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Keats v. the Culture of Death


Part 3 of the interview with Donald DeMarco, author of "Architects of the Culture of Death."

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More from Zenit

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Freud, Marx, Culture of Death


Another good interview from Zenit, this one with author of a new book: Architects of the Culture of Death

Part 1
Part 2

A sample:

Q: What do you think will most surprise readers about the thinkers outlined in your book?

...Wilhelm Reich thought of himself as a secular Messiah who would cure the world of both its social as well as personal neuroses. He saw himself as the world's first Freudo-Marxist. He earned, more than anyone else, the appellation, "Father of the Sexual Revolution."

Yet he died in a federal penitentiary, serving time there because he had defrauded the American public by selling them empty boxes that were allegedly constructed to capture a precious form of energy called "orgone." One critic of Reich said that it was hard to take any man seriously who said, "I realized that I could no longer live without a brothel."

That's hilarious. I haven't heard this guy's name since some hippie I used to play hackey-sack with almost a decade ago went on and on about him. If I knew then...

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New pics!

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Fresh Matthew pictures for all of his fans can be found here!

Here's a sample:

Kinga Da World.JPG
Our Little Prince demands his breakfast in bed

Mug shot.JPG
He's starting to look way too old!

Snow Suit.JPG
Trying on his winter apparel.

A halloween costume from Nana. Rroooowwwwrr!

Xtreme Closeup.JPG
Look at my happy little boy!

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