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I got yer virtual bartender right here

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After poring over a drink-mixing book and finding nothing for which our particular bar (though well-stocked, I thought) could supply all the ingredients (due to our being fresh out of egg-whites, Pim's and Saki), I decided to get creative. The result was so good I should name it:

The gist:

2 parts Irish Whisky (I used Jameson's)
1 part Southern Comfort
Dash of Sweet Vermouth
Shake it over ice and deliver in a cocktail glass.

The initial taste is outstanding. J-Lu says it tastes like apple pie. The aftertaste of sweetened whisky. I'm going to experiment around and see if I can soften the aftertaste a bit for all of you wussies, but I like it just fine the way it is.

Please don't point out the irony of the man making a whisky martini throwing the word wussy around. I see it. I suppose for the uncultured masses it would seem wussified, but suck down a couple of these babies then call me in the morning.

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