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We are (not) family


Me: hey bro,

Some dude named Hector Lu- in Philly wants to be my friend. Is he actually related to us? It's not Tio Hector...

Bro: No, it seems our name is a lot more common than you think. He's adding all the people with our surname and planning reuinions, calling us family. I'm waiting for him to hit me up for money.

For the record, I did know how common our last name is -- I've googled it and seen all of the police records...

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For Babo

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"What's that Matthew?"

"It's my Hehcut!"

"What? Is it a plane?"

"Yeah! It's my Hehcut"

"Oh. I see. Hey, you drew it from two different angles! There's the side view and there's the view from above! That's really great! Is it a fighter plane?"

"Yeah! It's my Hehcut"

"Okay.... Babe, do you know what a 'hehcut' is?

"No, let me see... oh... did you see this on Babo's 'Dogfights' DVD?"

"Yeah! Do you like my Hehcut?"

"Yes it's great! Are you saying 'Hellcat?'"

"Yeah, that's right! It's my Hellcat!"

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"Poppy, could I please hold Baby Tony?"



Of course you can, Pumpkin.

This one's for Aunt Criss -- the boys are thrilled with their baby brother.

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Mama and child

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