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They actually let us go through with it! We have a house!

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While we're breaking big news...


...we become homeowners on Monday.

Well, not so much homeowners as homeowers. We'll really own it in 30 years.


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Hello world!

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I look forward to meeting you early next year!

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A conversation


Me: "Matthew did you just fart?"

The 3-yr old: "No, I made a sound like a locomotive!"

Me: "Matthew, what are you supposed to do after you fart?"

The 3-yr old: "Chugga chugga choo choo!"

For the curious, he did eventually do what he was supposed to do - say excuse me and then go to the potty.

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Ah, memories


Last summer, The family took a trip to California. I started to blog on it, but after slogging through the unpleasant memories of getting ill at the end of the trip, I took a break and never got back to it. I was cleaning out unpublished posts and decided to go ahead and post the gruesome part. Here it is, for the morbidly curious.

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