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Here is a list of words that sound like the f-bomb when spoken by Matthew:

fix it

Needless to say, his extended family finds this hilarious.

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Our weekend

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Well, the Lu-family is in the middle of our first major family purchase. We're buying a station wagon to haul the family around in. It's a white 97 Volvo with the old-school third row of seating that faces the rear. We went up to Chicago to see it and leave a down payment on Saturday. On Monday morning, I'm going to swing by the bank and get our loan which we got approved for and then we're going to head back up north to pick up the new Loogy-Mobile!

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St. Matthew, Apostle & Evangelist



Happy Feast Day, Matthew Boniface!

Party at my parish after mass this evening!

Catholic Encyclopedia entry for St. Matthew.

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Dem's my Boys!

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Check out more pictures of Matthew and Charles dating from ~January to August here.

Somebody let me know if you have to login. You shouldn't have to.


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