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Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel


Happy Feast Day to all Carmelites, especially the one in our family!

i'd like to say we purchased our new Our Lady of Lourdes statue to honor the Marian feast day, but in truth, we ordered it weeks ago and it just arrived today. But we did, um, put it out front to celebrate the feast day.

mary 002.jpg

I'd be happy to tell you the maker, so long as you promise to order it through your local Catholic book/gift store if you have one. They don't direct ship to consumers anyway.

mary 003.jpg

Why Our Lady of Lourdes? Well, although I do have somewhat of a devotion to Lourdes (details here), the main reason is that it seems odd to buy a 27" statue that is going to rest on the ground and have Mary looking down. This one was one of the few where she is actually looking up.

mary 001.jpg

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Man v. Nature


What I learned while trimming trees on Columbus day.

  • Sitting on top of a 6 foot ladder holding a 15 foot saw pole is not when you want a wasp to attack your face. (Sub lesson: 31 is still young enough to jump off a ladder to evade a wasp without breaking anything.)
  • Sitting on the same 6 foot ladder holding the same pole next to a 6 foot privacy fence while a pit bull jumps up and down trying to attack your face is strangely exciting.
  • It's possible to get 30 mosquito bites (not an exaggeration -- Mama-Lu thinks I'm guessing on the low side) on your back without really noticing them.
  • Your wife will not be pleased if you drop a 20 foot branch on top of the last producing plant in her garden (jalapeno).
  • Work gloves will not prevent you from getting a blister from sawing down several hundred pounds worth of rogue branches.

But hey, next year well have plenty of firewood!

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