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On the radio tonight


For those in the range of WGN-AM 720 (I've received it clar as a bell until about an hour outside of Nashville, TN in December) should listen in tonight at 9 PM. Extension 720 is going to have David Blankenhorn and Elizabeth Marquardt from the Institute for American Values (which is neither as right-wing nor as Orwellian as it sounds) who also blog at the Institute's Family Scholars weblog.

Host Milt Rosenberg is a media legend and a highly skilled interview, while Blankenhorn and Marquardt are highly-esteemed scholars on marriage and family issues. Should be good.

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Dawn Eden in Champaign

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In about 30 minutes from now (@7:30 PM Central Time), author and blogger Dawn Eden will be in Champaign giving a talk at St. John's Catholic Newman Center on chastity. Dawn will also be helping preach the chastity gospel during the U of I's sex fair tomorrow.

Also, see John Bambenek's guest column in the DI on chastity and Eden's book.

I know, it's late. I work, sue me.

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Freedom of Religion


In Britain it seems like it will soon be illegal to teach kids that the truth is true.

After this April's implementation of the Sexual Orientation Regulations (SOR's), British religious schools may no longer be allowed to teach school children that the Christian viewpoint on sexual morality is "objectively true," a government report says.

The Joint Committee on Human Rights, made up of members from Parliament and the House of Lords, has issued a report on the implementation of the Regulations recommending that religious schools be required to modify their religious instruction to comply with the government-approved doctrine of "non-discrimination".

Although religious schools will be allowed to remain open and may continue to give instruction in various religious beliefs, instruction must be modified "so that homosexual pupils are not subjected to teaching, as part of the religious education or other curriculum, that their sexual orientation is sinful or morally wrong."

The report says the Regulations will not "prevent pupils from being taught as part of their religious education the fact that certain religions view homosexuality as sinful," but they may not teach "a particular religion's doctrinal beliefs as if they were objectively true".

British priest Tim Finigan is cited in the article. For further developments, keep an eye on his blog.

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