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Yes, we're late, but Mama-Lu and I are just today watching March of the Penguins. We're about halfway through (currently breaking for bedtime) and I gotta say, it's meeting the hype. If you haven't yet seen it, GO GET IT and watch it.

My real purpose in this post, however, is to post a line from the film that I think might be the manliest line in movie history:

"Now, their bellies full, it is time to find a mate."

Spoken by Morgan Freeman.

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Marriage, Simply


While glancing at some old Zenit daily dispatch emails stored up in my inbox, I came across this interview with a Legion of Christ priest who has a book out about marriage. I really liked this quote:

Q: What's the meaning and the significance of the sacrament of marriage?

Father Ryan: When a man loves a woman he will surely feel that he is not capable by himself of giving that woman all he would like for her in terms of complete happiness. Then he asks God for help.

Then God says to him: How nice, you and I love that same woman; we must make an alliance, a pact, to love her together.

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The Pope to Spain next month


As noted in the FAQ section of the World Meeting of Families post below, the Holy Father will be coming to Spain for the event.

Zenit has a rundown of what the Holy Father will be doing in Spain. Apart from the standard ecclesial and secular protocol, here's the WMF portion of the pope's agenda:

[On Saturday July 8, t]the Bishop of Rome will then go in an open car to the testimonial meeting, which, beginning at 8 p.m., will gather hundreds of thousands of families at the Puente de Monteolivete in a context of prayer and testimonies. They will alternate with artistic-cultural presentations by artists...

Benedict XVI will repeat this itinerary the following day, Sunday, July 9, when he will return in an open car to Puente de Monteolivete, where he will preside over the 9:30 a.m. solemn closing Mass and deliver the homily.

During the Mass, some spouses who have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary will renew their marriage vows.

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World Meeting of Families


Next month, Valencia, Spain will host the Fifth World Meeting of Families (WMF), sponsored by the Archdiocese of Valencia and the Pontifical Council for the Family.

Here is the English Website for the event.

Note that while the English homepage does not seem to be fully translated, the other links are. For those with less time or patience, here are some direct links of interest:

  • Catechesis - Featuring an address the Holy Father gave last June to a Rome Diocesan meeting on the family as well links to the outlines of the various catechetical talks that will be given at the WMF next month.

  • Congress - The meeting will feature an International Theological Pastoral Congress from July 4-7. There will actually be three Congresses, as a Children's Congress and a Parents' Conference will take place simultaneously.

  • Documents - Here are some documents on marriage and the family as well as some general intercessions that can be used at Mass.

  • Program - Though currently blank, I'm guessing there will eventually be a list of events at the WMF.

The FAQ page is unformatted and hard to read so for your benefit and my own, here are the highlights, a little more nicely presented:

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