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Disturbing, Disgusting, Disheartening


Parents of school-age children need to read this piece from the current (just posted) iss ue of The New Atlantis and reflect on how they let their children use the Internet.

More - not for children - by clicking below.

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Marriage and stem-cells


Another two-fer of good reads. Today's selection comes from NRO.

Stanley Kurtz, who deserves some kind of award for the work he does, shows how European sociologists are much more honest about gay marriage undermining traditional marriage than their American counterparts.

Eric Cohen debunks arguments for more federally funded stem-cell research.

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Parenting and College

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OpinionJournal has two good reads this morning.

1. InstaPundit Glenn Reynolds' "The Parent Trap" is a look at how safety nazis and a decline in the social prestige of parenthood have combined to create a serious disincentive for adults to multiply.

2. Vincent J. Cannuto reviews "Excellence Without a Soul" by Harry Lewis, which is a according to Cannuto, a book in "defense of the idea that universities should be about something."

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